Sparkle Darling

Still feeling excited!

And even as the merriment and enjoyment wanes to make way for the countdown to the new year, begging for some more loosening of those purse strings. I am carrying forward my last post’s message of careful spending or ‘woke spending’ if you prefer to be twitter-correct.

And so despite my huge preference for new clothing, the crisp feel of that silk halter-neck open-back blouse or the just-rightness of that dress for the occasion, I decided to take stock of my bank account and brevity of this festive period to warrant a seasonally appropriate addition to my wardrobe.

I already have a strong dress-game for the types of settings I would probably be visiting over this period; basically church and high-end restaurants, so I re-loved an old classic of mine.

My dress had a sparkle neckline, which was a sure fit for this time of the year, but for anyone else the detail could have been anything from a single ruffled off-shoulder sleeve, a tie-back bow, or a neck-tie bow, or sparkle drop-earrings to throw over a simple little black dress.

And you know the best thing about all this, you don’t actually need an occasion to wear what’s already in your wardrobe, you can just throw it on whenever a la Carrie Bradshaw’s epic dress-up battles with her girls in Sex and the City. Or in this day and age simply for a great selfie photo session.

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