Style 101

It’s Christmas guys! Well, day 3 of all 12 days of it.

And I am pleased to announce that we’re back on-topic, none of that personal essayist Pulitzer prize winning stuff. And boy am I excited about this! Mostly because the guys at Pulitzer never called but also because I get to play around what is seasonally appropriate and currently relevant to us all a.k.a matters of shopping importance.

With my now being surprisingly free, in this unsurprisingly seasonally packed full period. I thought I’d give you not one but two updates on how I have chosen to handle what is a crucial point in the seasonal shopping calendar.

Just a little bit back my aunt commented on my mother’s style to me, well her shoes to be specific. Saying something along the lines of (Remember I’m quoting loosely) “ Your mum’s shoes are always so shoe goals! ”. Note I – shopaholic – blogger – been – around – the – blocker, was not on the receiving end of said compliment and my self-esteem was remarkably still intact.

And this was because, believe you me, my mother’s style is estimable and has been one of the setting influences behind my style. This is despite her shopping with a lot less method and a lot less time and patience than for example I do.

And the reason I believe my mother still achieves style #goals boils down to her building her style and wardrobe as a gradual process bearing in mind her limitations. I mean those fine as hell shoes were not borne from an overnight passion for great quality leatherwear or the endlessly deep pockets of a big spender, but even I have for years appropriated my mother’s shoes.

I’ve also totally appropriated something other than my mother’s fine-as-hell shoes and have stolen a well-known saying.

I believe the quote is so accurate as it relates to knowing what your potential is. And as it concerns ‘spending on your wardrobe’, in order to get the best out of it, you will want to know where you currently stand. As opposed to trying to be something you are not, or spending more than you can afford! Especially during this highly expensive festive period where everything appears just that bit more tempting to purchase.



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