A date with the family




So I picked the one single day in which I can be uninhibited and selfish to share with my family; my parents, my brother, my aunties, my uncle, my cousins, and my twin/triplet/quadruplet sisters. And set a badass table with carefully handpicked ornaments and finishing touches sourced from all over.


I think it is because I was still reeling off of that wedding post and the endless sea of table settings and floral arrangements that I had immersed myself into. But of course in true fashion of what these posts are supposed to keep on giving; fashion and of-course helpful bits of information to divulge from my actual experience, in this case ‘party planning’.

Keep in mind my planning was for a small scale party, where I placed a lot of attention to detail, so you might need to do a bit of tweaking to use some of the ideas I have used. For example, scaling-up orders, timing your orders, getting yourself some help, having a plan-b. For example for a wedding, it wouldn’t do to have key pieces missing on d-day because they have not yet arrived.



cherieby-b-5 cherieby-b-4 cherieby-b-3


Also huge shout out to Amazon Prime for those speedy deliveries. Actually, all of my suppliers did a great job of getting my items to me in within a week and that already made my day.

But ultimately what I discovered was plenty of inexpensive finds on amazon to rival independent homeware stores like even my ultimate favourite Zara Home. But even better, how totally ‘worth it’ it was to spend time with the ones who I can ultimately rely on and are absolutely deserving of my time.

If you already follow me on social media you would have seen my odd tweet and instagram post around the day for a peek at my birthday dress which was a simple H&M day dress with the floral leanings of that Dolce & Gabbana dress in my “Life’s Luxuries Post” here.






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