Life’s Luxuries

It’s my birthday this week! Which nicely explains away my absence and this filler post of sorts, which is my way of saying you are always on my mind and I will always be back on here unless a) a meteor strike, or b) I find one good book after another to read.

It’s also the week where the free-fall of American politics, will hopefully redeem itself by electing it’s first female leader #welcometothe21stcentury.

So, I’ve certainly got a theme or two cooking up, thanks to that earlier mentioned birthday this week which left me with a tonne of finds on celebratory things, from stores and online. All very handy stuff for when you have something to plan and want to put a certain personal touch.

But for now, I leave you with a little dose of luxurious things to lust for as I often do. As I got up to some free-spirited shopping this weekend, and got to pass by some of my favourite city shopping landmarks in my quaint northern city of Leeds. Yes, there’s more than London in England .








There’s even a local social calendar highlight which I happened on as Luxury Italian Beverages company Peroni are collaborating with the Harvey Nichols Boutique, for classy adult drinks and movie screenings. You can get in touch Harvey Nichols x House of Peroni

So that’s that! What are the things you find luxurious? I am definitely a believer in even the little things in life as luxuries, I mean so long as you can get that feeling from indulging in them, right?



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