Fantasy Wedding

In life there are no such things are coincidences.

I feel as though this is how a really great wedding vow would probably start but hey what do I know? This is hugely premature of me, given no wedding bells are jingling 

But then when you think about it, with my being such a sucker for all things loving and sweet, and my pretty obvious attraction to things aesthetically pleasing, it’s obvious I fully ascribe to that running cliché of ladies who are to weddings what peanut butter is to jelly. 

Okay not fully, maybe I do protest the conventions dictated to us women by an overbearing male dominated society. However, case-in-point on that cliché, see unhealthy obsession with things white and way too many flowers than is permitted.

And recently when it came to being a bit more time-specific and relevant to some of the upcoming real-life wedding planning contributions I will be having to make (I complained on one occasion here about all my friends getting married but I didn’t mean it at all, pinky swear), I pinned some modern and mood inspired wedding inspiration on my sharingstyle board #Bridesmaids.

Now, with the lucky dipping of my toes into some of the crazy mayhem of actual planning that the real-life brides around me are living, and the value-added I have been contributing in basically shopping, I reached a whole new -found appreciation of how confusing things can get from a more realistic standpoint; from colour scheme coordination, to feeding guests, to entertaining guests, to capturing moments and mementos, flowers, jewellery, the entourages and the uninvited, so I’ve shared my top three helping hands that have helped in my mostly irrelevant process.




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