Keeping Up With The Joneses

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, it’s kind of the line Eve probably used to convince Adam about eating that apple, and also the main convincing argument fed to us by today’s adverts, celebrity appearances and all.

Sorry to get all socially aware on you guys. But I was thinking well I had a thought and then stuff happened in-between so I am only just getting to putting it down.

I was wondering what happens when those Pinterest quotes just aren’t cutting it. You know the ones us well put together Kate’s and Becky’s and Ebun’s like to remind ourselves of when we suddenly find ourselves flailing, or worse still than flailing, actually failing or even worse still than failing, falling behind everyone else. When “Be thankful for where you are” just doesn’t cut it.

And for a strongly self-aware twenty-something year old, who finds it easy to tune out the world and dance to her own tune a la Beyonce (I should stop, my Beyonce references are becoming problematic), even I face the same existential questions of our hyper-digitally connected times.

Why can’t I have what she’s having? That seemingly good stuff?



Don’t worry I’m not here to tell you “It isn’t all that glitters that is gold”, I already said this is for when you are beyond the quote aid part.

For me what has worked time and time again, and I have seen work for others close to me are a) chocolate, and b) turning it all into an action. And not just any action, imagine all of that anxiety, all of that desire, all of that disappointment is a really super powerful nuclear missile, now use it to destroy your enemies* (I am strongly opposed to the trade of weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction)

Others might encourage dealing with ‘inner baggage’ to create a better more positive reaction than envy for where your friends are or aren’t. I mean don’t we each have better things to worry about like bills, parents, boyfriends, or our own lives in general. And I would like to say that that has worked for me in the past but it hasn’t, not for me.

And maybe I carry some misconceptions in here but I truly believe that the sad, bad and awful things in life don’t just stop or end or cease to exist; instead they target some of us pretty harshly than others.

But as with all things in life there is change taking place at any point, bringing in a little bit of good to a bad situation or a whole lot worse to a bad situation sometimes. Whichever way, you can not ever just sit and wait and do nothing (unless you’re on vacay).

I’m sure you’ll make it to the other side anyway, and if all else fails, as I said earlier. Chocolate.



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