Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just got back from vacay guys!

I know right, so unfair? Kinda like, how Beyonce and I are not related or like how long summer breaks are designated to children who don’t even know how to use them, or like me getting to live it up in one world capital city and not taking any of you guys along with me?

Well I thought I’d compensate for some of this with a handy guide cum re-cap on my travel destination this September which was to the reputable European capital of fun in the Netherlands’: Amsterdam. I already have a good feeling about this.

There’s just this romanticism to capital cities I think, streets that have been paced by generations of people, buildings knocked down and built over, scenery changes from one decade to the next, flat plains that have become sky-scrapers in the decades thereafter. All of this experience and these stories to tell in just one place.

Between the canal cruising and the city hopping, I didn’t even feel too left out with not being a part of the fashion week back home. (Yes, terrible timing, I was away for the main LFW schedule).


However, on the back of a great read I picked for my time in Amsterdam which said something along the lines of ‘building incredible things’, I did pack in a pretty incredible itinerary for my stay in Amsterdam with my fun-loving parents and my brother a.k.a designated photographer.


Canal Cruising

A lot of things I own don’t mix well with water, my hair, my shoes, my phone? You get the idea, so trust me when I say highly recommended no matter what. This was one of the first things we did and it served as a lovely large map of the city for future reference.


Spui, Ledengracht, Kaisergracht

I encourage shoppers around the globe to get over here. Great products up for grabs, less expensive than in other European fashion capitals and across the canal running streets in the shopping districts, there are also street markets for art, books and flowers. And tonnes, I mean tonnes of restaurants and cafes.



There just might be a museum for everything. I kid you not. Surprisingly they’re all pretty refreshing? I probably say this because I saw a ‘Rolex’ being put together. Again I kid you not.


City Hop

If you’re already in a different country you might as well make the most of it, and with numerous other world famous cities than the capital Amsterdam. There’s something for you, whether it’s the politically driven Hague or the design-conscious Rotterdam.

And there, feeling pretty validated now, I feel like this is a section I might build up on travel destinations, with some thorough research and even if I don’t get to see these places in person initially; because it turns out that despite my country living I am a massive fan of big city dwelling.

Who knew?!



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