The White Shirt

The White Shirt. It doesn’t get more basic than this really. It’s plain speaking, yet an inspirational canvas for further styling.

And that’s exactly how this shirt made me feel, with my ruby woo on, and ready to conquer the world with inspirational remixes on the same shirt. Still on this high of feeling both myself and my shirt, I of-course went ahead on an unapologetic selfie mission, on the train, in the car …

Somehow I managed to not take a full outfit shot, however in describing each pairing for my outfit;

The first look was the white shirt, with a pair of pink slim crop trousers and a trusty pashmina with beautiful green, red, and black threaded patterns.

The second look was the white shirt, with pale wash denim jeans, black heels, and a black drawstring bag and of-course that cute drop earring you can see beneath my tied back hair.

Whilst my version of the shirt is from my partners in shopping crimes Asos and links here, it was out-of stock as of posting so I have done the legwork and found an alternative from the masters of basics at H&M right here.

Even though it’s only coming to the end of summer for the rest of us, permitting such airy light looks as these, the fashionista’s in New York are in full fashion week swing and have already broken open the seals of what is to come next year Spring/Summer. Probing the question “how much shopping can a girl do with just her eyes and in gleeful adoration of these designer pieces?” I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

And one final thing, I bought my shirt all ‘boxy’ and ‘loose’, and I found this to be the most comfortable thing ever ever ever. Which is surprisingly not a usual goal for me when I’m shopping: pairing comfort and style, but it works guys.



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