Cobalt Blue

FullSizeRender (1)I said it was coming and here it is! The first of those summer ‘investments’ into my wardrobe, doing exactly what it was made for, and totally ‘saving the day’ on this occasion.

Kerching! I hear you say, that’s exactly how we like our money, where we can see it?

Well, despite overcast skies and no chauffeur driven vehicle to attend to my needs, I figured I could still pull off a riviera lunchtime look with relative ease and comfort by pairing an already flouncy and rich detail blouse with another flouncy and rich detail bottom, the same ideas but in ever so different ways?

And aside from a sprinkling of luck (I keep a spray bottle full), I think the reason they work so well together – this melange of loose fitting pieces – is thanks to this top being ever so slightly cropped.

The cut on the top is a more adult take on that super popular belly-baring crop trend. Basically, a more flattering and easier to pull off alternative to a full crop

Shoutout to ASOS for making this great piece which you can shop here along with similar suggested pieces.

Then of-course there’s the classy take on comfortably loose joggers, by the experts on all things simple and chic and of course in silk, hence the flattering silhouette. The guys at Whistles and their leisurely chic summer wear all here.FullSizeRender

So a somewhat broken down guide to my look, and hopefully it helps with recreating this look with some of your wardrobe.

p.s. I need a flouncy hat to have styled this look to perfection, so I’m accepting donations. Preferably YSL, will settle for LV.



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