Wine, Dine and Decorate

I’ve already seemingly started down the rabbit hole that is pinterest so I might as well continue.

Besides as with all things that manage to come together in some type of post worthy material, there’s plenty personal life experience involved in how I came about this particular post.

This time around, it’s my present circumstance of being cooped up at home for what feels like forever but is really only a week. And in this time, I have basically answered to every single craving I’ve had; pretzel and ice-cream, check; waffles and eggs, check.

It’s just what happens when you are within easy reach of a well-stocked fridge.

Yes, food is indeed a great thing.

Realising this fact, I also realised that I really don’t like to take my food privileges for granted, so even when it comes to just food I still want all those bells and whistles – as I would for my other purchases – which make my food really stand out, and which make my bites and scoops more of an experience.

And how better to experience that three spice noodle stir-fry than eating it off a well lain table with as much vibrance and life as your mixed spice noodle stir-fry, okay fine the prolonged wait might be agony but it’s the only way I can justify all this eating I have been doing without blaming myself for it.

I feel better already just staring down these fabulous table setting designs by others who obviously have had the same idea of assuaging the guilt of overeating with pretty plates and flowers, somehow someway presenting it in so many different hues. And there’s even a handy guide on how to set a formal dinner table.  

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You can view the images directly from the Pinterest Board .



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