Skin that Glows

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I know it’s been a minute, which is why I am making it up to you, all the way from behind my computer screen.

Sorry, my reverse cynicism kicking in.

But really, first it’s a little odyssey into one of my second, okay maybe third favourite things to fuss and stew over, beauty products and second it’s my newly adult prerogative, interiors.

Ideally, I would totally ‘curveball’ beauty talk, I mean I just feel that with the exposure this generation of make up artists have thanks to those utterly irreplaceable youtube tutorial videos, there isn’t much another voice can really add of value to the discussion.

Or so I thought until I got my glow back on.

So I have always been a sucker for going against the norm, some people call it stubbornness – again with the reverse cynicism – made me lean more to the side of skincare as opposed to make-up where it concerns beauty. And granted there are definitely other dimensions as well to the beauty discussion, a more deep version of myself would say ‘inner beauty’.

But right now, we’re talking about the glow right?

Skincare or Make-up, the technicalities don’t really matter as it pretty much stacks up to the same process, which I like to maintain begins with having a routine as most other beauty heads would tell you, it’s really what makes a difference and a good one at that.

I think it’s after this the products come in. I obviously have my faves which I share down below as they’ve worked for me. But in addition to these I have a LIST guys. Like when I say list, I mean extensive.

I do a lot of listing in general, but really my beauty lists are somewhat legendary on my phone. I am talking products I will probably never even purchase, from places like Korea. They do have great youthful skin for a reason; our sisters on the east-asia side we love you.


Mary-Kay Tone Correcting Serum

It is a very very light silky smooth serum, which I think excuses it from really being a moisturiser however it does exactly as it says and anytime I return back to using it, blemishes that might have crept up fade gently. I always feel the fact that it is so quickly absorbent means it gets to work immediately for my skin?

Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator

I could lay claim to this being a fountain of youthful life-giving skin but really go read the reviews. The beads of grain work on getting skin brighter. And a little goes a long way. I work it into my skin for a good few minutes.

L’oreal Skin Perfection Serum

Another one. But I feel serums give me better skin balance in terms of moisture than actual moisturisers causing me to break out less during those ‘hormone’ driven days of the month, and especially in the summer. I tend to be generous with this as I don’t use a moisturiser afterwards. 

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean

Stuck in desert island, needing just one product then take this. I get the squeakiest clean wash after using this, and there’s basically no drying effect afterwards especially if you have oily skin. Make sure to purchase the skin equivalent for your skin type in the range.

Argan Oil Extract

It’s nice to feed my skin a little of what’s natural and all. I apply this after the correcting serum, but not everyday, sometimes just once a week, because there is such a thing as too much.

But truly going back to some of my old-time skincare loves and some new-time finds, and getting the obvious benefits from these reminded me that given the countless other options and choices out there, every voice does count as far as experience goes. And for a girl with the very great fortune of not having major skin issues, I can definitely spread the love around – to not just our sisters on the east-asia side – but to you. 

Let us know what’s working for you and how it’s working, pass on some of that skin love and glow to another sister.



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