Shopaholic Summers

So whatever has happened to my to-be first post of ‘an immaculately styled and editorially sound’ fashionista …

I’ll tell you; a missing summer cover-up.

So back to shopping it is, or should we say ‘shopaholicism’.

No, it apparently doesn’t end. And I am justifying this on the back of needing to perfectly present to you the best pieces for your wardrobe, I am indeed noble.

Despite my beginning to sound a little like a shopaholic, there is some good news through this shopping storm. Between one ordered online jacket, and one store bought pea-coat, I have managed to do no real damage to my bank balance (told you I was good at this).

However all this indecisiveness, has led me to revisit an old post of mine, take a piece of my own shopping advice medicine. It was a post focused squarely on shopping for outerwear, which is what I am presently on the prowl for in these none-wintery but still cover-up needing days.

These three tips are yours for the taking. And there’s even a handy pin-able image (repeating that I told you I was good at this)!

Images left to right: Zara Knit Jacket, Warehouse long-line Cardi, Zara Knit Sweater, Boohoo Duster Coat, Asos Sleeveless Jacket.



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