Love, Lust, Zara sales

So this weekend I made my way to the seasonal pilgrimage of clothing mecca that is the Zara sales. And whilst I definitely made it out the other-side with none of my cards max-ed out, let me tell you it was a  definite struggle. Even for the professional shopping skills of an ex-shop-girl.

However, someway somehow, recalling these five helpful tips made it all a successful shopping expedition at this most crucial time of the sales season.



I know. Even Anna Wintour disapproves.

But ever wondered why this hue is still the colour of choice with the edgy sleek and familiarly famous best dressed?

Well it’s because it is easy …

Black is easy. Easy to make your wardrobe pieces rotate around outfits much better. Easy to make the least thought out outfit, appear better put together.

Pinterest, Blogs

I am a blogger, so undeniably I am here a lot. Grabbing the latest inspiration and information, not as some type of rule to limit my own imagination but as a guide. For ideas, and tried and tested looks, the expanse of the many social sites at your finger tips are literally gold.

Flip through, pin and save, and even share! How else do you find out that skinny jeans are not ‘the one’ in 45 degree weather?


I know everything looks good right now. The sun is shining. The warmth on your skin. The offers are ripe and nigh. But wait, what was that about rent? Just how often are you actually planning on wearing that?

Shy of sounding too preachy, I really think as a savvy shopper with my feet firmly – once upon a time – in the stock room of many an exclusive brand retailer, there always is plenty more where that has come from.

Sure, there are once in a lifetime buys, you don’t have to tell me I’m a sucker for clothes. But try to think of money not spent on clothing now as an investment into future spending on clothing. It’s better to be prepared for the next best thing than to settle for an ‘okay’ thing.

Window Shopping

I am still waiting for the scientifically proven fact that shopping is in-fact a form of exercise.

But until then, burn those calories. Roam the stores, compare the products, hunt the perfect prey of the perfect dress from store to store to online store.

There, so my good service to the world is complete for the day, and I have derived too much pleasure from the shopping trip that was the foundation to this post. So you go out there and get yours.

Happy Shopping!


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